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Learning stages

Level 1 - introductory course (10 group lessons)


- Introduction to Scottish bagpipe and its music

- Proper posture and finger positions on the practice chanter

- Maintenance and basic tuning of the practice chanter

- The basic elements of music

    - Rhythm

    - Note recognition

- Basic fingering and blowing techniques 

- Basic embellishments

- Some simple tunes

Level 2  


- Practice goose - Getting the control of the pipe bag (Coordination of blowing/ breathing/ arm movement/ fingerings) 

- Learning more types of embellishments

- Applying the embellishments onto the tunes

- Tunes in different time signatures

Level 3  


- Transition to full set of the Highland bagpipe

- Posture

- Maintenance of the instrument

- Basic instrument set-up and tuning methods

Learning some essential tunes on the practice chanter

More advanced fingering techniques

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