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Private lessons

- For anyone from age 7 +
- Lessons available in English or Cantonese



Get in touch with Chris for signing up and scheduling the lessons:


Group classes



What will you learn from the lessons?

The Learning Stages

On the practice chanter:

- Good posture and finger positions

- Scale with correct fingerings and fluency

- Recognising the notes (hearing the intervals and reading the notation)

- Simple melodies

- Rhythm exercises

- Basic embellishments

- Simple tunes

- Understanding the beat subdivision and time signatures

- More basic tunes: Slow airs and marches

*Once you can play a few tunes well by memory, you will be ready to add a pipe bag by using a practice goose or practice pipes.

On the practice goose or practice pipes:

- Posture for holding the bag

- Coordination between blowing/breathing and arm movements

- Getting a steady tone

- Getting used to playing the tunes comfortably with a good sound


On the full set of highland bagpipe:

- Maintenance and the knowledge of all the parts 

- Posture for holding the full pipes

- Build up the stamina

- Getting a steady tone

- Basic reed adjustments and tuning

- March and deportment  

- More advanced playing and refining the tone


- Slow airs / slow marches

- Simple time marches

- Compound time marches

- March / Strathspey / Reel 

- Hornpipe / Jig

- Ceòl Mór (Pibroch/Piobaireachd)


Please click here for the tuition info



Administration fees for cancellation or rescheduling a lesson
- 72 hours in advance: no fee
- 24 to 72 hours in advance: 50% of the lesson fee
- Less than 24 hours: 100% of the lesson fee

Updated on 4 August 2020

Practice chanter
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highland pipes
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